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4 Responses to “Marksmanship”

  1. SayUncle » targets to diagnose shooting problems Says:

    […] Here’s some real ones. […]

  2. Xeno Says:

    Wow, I’ve been needing some materials exactly like these for some time now. Thanks for making it easy to find!

  3. Kick Him, Honey » Blog Archive » Marksmanship correction guides Says:

    […] Spuler, over at the Guns and Ammo blog, has posted a set of marksmanship guides, to help diagnose trigger control problems. Just take […]

  4. Innate v. Learned at A Dixie Carpetbagger Says:

    […] learn to do it right!”  In that spirit, use this target the next time you train.  (Okay, so these targets might be more useful.  Less funny, but more […]

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